The best market of its kind. Highly recommend for all to attend at some point in their career, if not every year!
— Tania Sarra, Director of Acquisitions, EMEA at MGM London, UK
SP feels manageable. Industry folks get overwhelmed with events that have a million different events and parties, so I think what’s been great about this and what makes it different, is I’m able to have meaningful conversations and follow-ups, and I will be able to leave this and remember the conversations I have had.
— Laura Turner Garrison, Vimeo New York, USA
SP provided an environment to meet and establish relationships with experienced market partners. A perfect blend of meetings with social engagements ensured that relationships were cemented in the short period of time available.
— Steve Jaggi, The Steve Jaggi Company Australia
It was very well organized, excellent selection and balance of attendees and definitely a catalyst to many success stories to come. Best way for me to sum for me was... ‘I think its the industry’s best kept secret.’ Out of all the festivals we attended this year, this was the highlight thus far.
— Llewelynn Greeff, Dark Matter Studios California, USA
This event in well known in our industry and around the world as one of the best markets in the world, it’s is very well organized, with a unique matchmaking service to meet likeminded partners with extremely dedicated and knowledgeable staff to help delegates make the most of the experience.  We cannot say enough about the value of this co-production conference.
— Michael Amo, Two East Productions Nova Scotia, Canada
The intimate setting, being able to meet with delegates formally and also re-enforce those meetings informally whether in networking lunches, events or simply repeatedly meeting in common areas. Delegates tended to be generous with information about their own projects which allows one to assess their own projects against a global current market. The panels were inspiring and provocative. Loads of food for thought. There were finance partners/distributors/broadcasters of a high level to meet with.
— Chantelle De Carvalho, Producer Herts, United Kingdom
It feels intimate - you get to meet and talk to just about everybody. By the end of the two and a half days, you’ve had the opportunity to connect to everyone here.
— Helen Asimakis, CBC Toronto, Canada
We come back because we’re very aware of the incentives to shoot in Canada with co-productions and soft money. If it’s a project, great, if it’s a Canadian project, even better. I do think that’s what makes SP better is the projects, there’s quality control and a sense that (the producers) can produce a good film.
— Charles Hopkins, Shoreline Entertainment California, USA
We thought it would be a very focused place to meet both broadcasters and producers as well as possibilities of collaboration. It’s not really just about co-production possibilities, it’s about exploring whatever possibilities there are, whether it’s pre-buys, helping with access to funds or whatever ways of collaborating there are.
— Lars Hermann, Danish Broadcasting Corporation Copenhagen, Denmark
Literally every conversation is useful, positive and engaging. Every panel I attend, I find useful and productive. It’s very intimate, you get really high caliber people here and you get to know them.
— Paul Brett, Prescience London, England
I think it’s been really interesting getting the Nordic and Scandinavian perspective. There’s a lot of opportunity for co-productions.  If it’s not right for us in Canada, it might be better for a different branch of our business at eOne.
— Yael Strasberg, eOne Toronto, Canada
The world of dramatic television has never been as robust and cutting-edge as it is now and it feels like everyone around the world is pulling together in the same direction to continue to create globally recognized, blue-chip drama. Being able to meet with producers and broadcasters from around the world, especially from Europe, is an invaluable opportunity.
— Tom Hastings, Bell Media Toronto, Canada