What are the dates for this year's event?
Strategic Partners 2018 will take place September 13th-15th. For convenience, Strategic Partners is scheduled right at the end of TIFF. 


Can more than one member of a company attend the event?

Yes, a second delegate (producer, writer or director) from the same company may attend.  If the selected producer cancels their participation the second delegate must be a qualified producer to step in as the first delegate. 


How much does it cost to participate?

Registration for a single delegate is $625 CAD (plus 15% tax = $718.75 CAD). Should a second delegate from the same company be accredited, they can register for a reduced registration of $500 CAD (plus 15% tax = $575 CAD). 


Can I attend without a project?

Yes, although priority is given to producers with projects and senior production companies without projects. If you intend to apply without a project, please tell us specifically what you are hoping to achieve in attending Strategic Partners, so that we can assist you in reaching your goals.  You may offer this information in the “objectives” section of the registration form. 


What are the producer qualifications required to attend Strategic Partners?

Producers selected to attend Strategic Partners must have a minimum of one producing credit on a full length feature film or television series (fiction), with a distributor attached.


How are projects/production companies selected?

An internal selection committee reviews each project submission to consider the creative and commercial merits of the projects, the amount of financing attached, the co-production possibilities, as well as the number of delegates with compatible objectives.


Can a project be submitted to Strategic Partners more than once?

We recognize that projects often come together over years, and that many debut at Strategic Partners. We also realize that a film or TV can potentially still benefit from Strategic Partners if it is accepted a second year. If support information indicates that a project has moved forward significantly since it was previously included in Strategic Partners, it may be accepted again based on the selection criteria (as noted in the previous question).


Why does Strategic Partners only accept feature film and television fiction series projects?

Given the intimate nature of Strategic Partners we do not feel that it is possible to serve the objectives of all genres effectively.


When do applicants find out whether or not if they have been selected?

Selected delegates will be notified via email in mid-July.


Is simultaneous translation available at Strategic Partners?

Budget constraints do not allow for the provision of simultaneous translation services or a bilingual catalogue. All formal events at Strategic Partners will be presented in English only.


What does the Strategic Partners registration include?

  • A full agenda of 25-minute 1-2-1 Meetings with investors, broadcasters, distributors and sales agents that you’ve requested to meet
  • Engaging, insightful panels and visionary keynote speakers
  • Investor and co-production focused roundtable sessions
  • A linear schedule tailored to deliver unparalleled international co-production/co-financing possibilities
  • Creative and commercial feature film, television, and digital fiction series projects at all stages of development
  • Intimate networking events and cocktail receptions
  • Casual breakfasts, lunches and breaks
  • Our annual “Lobster Dinner by the Sea”, showcasing the best in maritime hospitality
  • All-access pass to FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival screenings, gala parties, and more
  • Ground transport to and from the airport, as well as to events and receptions


Once selected, what is required of me and when?

Once selected, Strategic Partners aspires to ensure your participation is as easy and productive as possible. In order to do so, our team will contact you for information on the following dates:

  • Any necessary updates/missing information from your application to ensure a complete profile in the online catalogue: Mid-late July
  • Payment of your registration fees: Early August
  • Hospitality Request Form: Mid August, 2018
  • Full flight itinerary: Mid-August 2018
  • Meeting Request Form: September 1st, 2018                                    


When do delegates receive access to the Strategic Partners delegate list?

A password and link to the online catalogue is emailed to every delegate in early August. A hard copy contact guide (with delegate photos, company and contact info) will be provided to you when you register in person in Halifax.


Are my meeting choices guaranteed?

The Strategic Partners team will do everything they can to set up your top meeting choices. However, high demand for meetings with particular delegates may require that the Strategic Partners team will have to move to alternate names on your list, so please be sure to send your completed list in order of priority.


When will I receive my meeting schedule? 

Individual meeting schedules are provided online the day before you arrive and hard copies are also available when you register at Strategic Partners in Halifax. Any adjustment/changes to the schedule will then be made on site directly with the other party. As the event is intimate, it is easy to find the person you want to meet with if you need to change times or to arrange for another meeting.


Can delegates pre-book meetings with other delegates in addition to the Strategic Partners agenda of meetings? 

Please do not book meetings during the 1-2-1 time slots in advance of your arrival, as this avoids scheduling conflicts. The 1-2-1 time slots are indicated on the overall Strategic Partners schedule on our website. Priority is given to all meetings booked by Strategic Partners during these specific times.


Do Strategic Partners delegates need to register separately for FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival? 

You do not have to register for the festival during Strategic Partners — the opening weekend of the festival — as your SP delegate badge gives you access to all Galas and screenings (on a first come, first served basis). After Sunday, September 16th, if you are interested in staying and participating in the rest of the festival, you can upgrade to an Atlantic International Film Festival Delegate for $150.00 (plus 15% tax = $172.50 CAD)


Am I required to attend the entire two-day Strategic Partners event?

Although it is not always possible, all delegates are encouraged to attend all three days to ensure that their requested 1-2-1 meetings can be scheduled with all other parties. Less time at Strategic Partners means less time for 1-2-1 meetings and less access to the key players who attend the event.


Can I purchase a Partner Pass for a friend, partner, or an interested associate to accompany me to Strategic Partners events? 

Strategic Partners has a Partner Pass available for friends, partners, or work associates of our Strategic Partners delegates to purchase at a price of $150 (plus 15% tax = $172.50 CAD). These passes provide access to galas, breakfasts, screenings, receptions and the Lobster Dinner. Tickets to keynote speakers, panels and lunches are available separately, at Strategic Partners Registration (in the Lord Nelson).


Why co-produce with Canada?

Canada provides:

  • Variety of financing sources, including federal and provincial tax credits
  • Top-notch crews and talent at extremely competitive rates
  • Diverse locations and government support in finding them
  • Canada's range of treaties and agreements can open up partners' possibilities for tripartite and quadripartite co-productions
  • 54 international co-production treaties worldwide 




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