Life’s Short. Wear The Sparkly Earrings

Janet Edmonds was an actor, writer, and artist. She continued working, creating, and expressing herself until the end of her battle with cancer. Janet exuded love and life; through out her battle.

Director: Heidi Coombs-Thorne

Runtime: 8 Minutes




Transform is a short autobiographical documentary which explores individuals living with the repercussions of spinal injuries. Through their journey of grief and resiliency, we uncover how similar incidents can have different outcomes and that one injury can leave you stronger than ever before.

Director: Marie Wright

Runtime: 25 Minutes



John Bil

Canadian seafood legend John Bil reminisces on his unorthodox life.

Director: Shane Pendergast

Runtime: 8 Minutes



Raina: A Year And A Half In The Life Of A Mermaid

Follow Raina, one of North America's most respected mermaids, and Sean, her merwrangler boyfriend, for a year and a half. Everything you want to know about being a mermaid is explained in this expressive, emotional, and colour filled doc.

Director: Kevin Kincaid

Runtime: 25 Minutes



After Winter

Quentin's life seemed ideal, with a happy family, strong grades and good friends. Following a psychotic episode in Mexico, he returns to Halifax to be diagnosed with schizophrenia and seek treatment to get his life back on track.

Director: Nimisha Mukerji

Runtime: 14 Minutes





A documentary containing an inside look on stained glass craftsmanship and including musings about the nature of craft from Norbert Sattler, a master stained glass craftsman.

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Runtime: 9 Minutes




She Sings As She Flies

The filmmaker follows Nova Scotian vocal duo Mary Jane Lamond and Laurel MacDonald as they invite singers from the Mi’kmaq, African Nova Scotian and Acadian communities to collaborate in a concert of folksongs from the Helen Creighton collection - and as they navigate the social and historical complexities underlying this endeavour.

Director: Jenni Welsh

Runtime: 21 Minutes