While walking on the street one night in a small town in Nova Scotia, Scott Jones, a gay musician, is attacked and paralyzed from the waist down; what follows is a brave and fragile journey of healing and the transformation of a young man’s life. The film takes us on a poignant and thought-provoking journey as Scott navigates the aftermath of his attack as he learns to move through life in a wheelchair and explores forgiveness for his attacker. From the first raw moments in the hospital to a disquieting trip back to the place he was attacked, Scott is constantly faced with losing himself in waves of grief. Determined to choose love over fear, Scott starts an anti-homophobia campaign called Don’t Be Afraid. Filmed over three years by Scott’s close friend, Love, Scott is an intimate and visually evocative window into queer experience, set against a stunning score by Sigur Rós.


Director: Laura Marie Wayne
Writer: Laura Marie Wayne
Producer: Annette Clarke
Cinematographer: Laura Marie Wayne
Editors: Laura Marie Wayne, Marcos Caraballo
Country: Canada
Runtime: 75 minutes