Billy's Behemoth Blast

Baby Billy is in his crib during the infamous Halifax Explosion of 1917- based on the true story of Dartmouth survivor William S. Owen.

Director: Josh Owen

Runtime: 6 Minutes




Prizefight combines a vérité pursuit of professional combat sports with a handmade approach to cinema. At 44 years old JP Shortall’s final bout took place at the Halifax Forum.

Director: Todd Fraser

Runtime: 13 Minutes



Borscht & Fresh Bread

Filmmaker Lulu Keating recounts and evening when she received an unexpected visitor in Dawson City, Yukon.

Director: Sarah Gignac

Runtime: 2 Minutes




An exploration into the nature of reality, during the last moments of Kyle's life.

Director: Hal Tatlidil

Runtime: 10 Minutes



Il Sole

Joseph's wife is dying, but he has a plan: he will recreate the past. Is there enough time?

Director: Shawn Henry

Runtime: 13 Minutes




Enter into a cybernetic beehive and discover the cyborg bee life within.

Director: Ruth Marsh

Runtime: 9 Minutes



A Dreaming House

A field recordist listens in on the dreams and nightmares of a lonely old house.

Director: Devin Shears

Runtime: 7 Minutes



A man tells the story of his encounter with the ghost of someone who was yet dead.

Director: Dusty Keleher, Katy Hopkins

Runtime: 4 Minutes




Two girls make decisions that changes the lives of their audience forever.

Director: Israel Ekanem

Runtime: 4 Minutes



Snake Hips Lulu

Humans are complex beings. When we’re hurt, we often take our anger out on those closest to us.  But with the return of a rational mind comes awareness and the rebirth of humour.

Director: Lulu Keating

Runtime: 3 Minutes



BUOY is 'crowd-sourced' hand-drawn animation whose images are inspired by W. G. MacLaughlan's iconic motion picture film footage of local relief efforts after the Halifax Explosion.

Director: Becka Barker

Runtime: 7 Minutes