I Love You More

Two twentysomethings try to alleviate their boredom by seeing how far they can go to prove their feelings for each other.

Director: Kevin Hartford

Runtime: 5 minutes


Michael Lost and Found

Seven years after their break-up, Benjie Nycum visits his ex-boyfriend Michael Glatze and finally tries to get answers about his bewildering shift from gay activist to ex-gay evangelical.

Director: Daniel Wilner

Runtime: 18 minutes


Dial Tone

Kai Levinson has had the same green rotary phone her entire life. Now her evil phone company is deactivating it and she is forced to get her first cell phone.

Director: Colin MacDonald

Runtime: 8 minutes


Empty Cans

How do you begin to process a close friend's suicide? For Felix and Mabel, returning to their secret hideout and getting passed-out drunk may just hold the key.

Director: Darcy Fitzpatrick

Runtime: 5 minutes


In a coastal town in Newfoundland, Skip cares for his grandfather, admires the local store clerk from afar and dreams of finding success through an unlikely endeavour: rock skipping.

Director: Jenina MacGillivray

Runtime: 12 minutes

A Ways Away

The final day in the lives of an ex-socialite couple who have been hiding in a suburban mansion, avoiding the city, their old life and an unspecified threat.

Director: Ryan O’Toole

Runtime: 15 minutes


Alexe is a trans woman, Carl a gay man. Best friends since forever, an evening spent together destabilizes Alexe when they decide to have sex for the first time.

Director: Marc-Antoine Lemire

Runtime: 23 minutes

The Wakefield Will

The Wakefield triplets meet with the Executor of their parents’ will, only to find that nothing will be bequeathed to them if they can’t find some way to get along.

Director: Gordon Mihan

Runtime: 12 minutes


After a late night working, Tommy explains how he found the body of his partner Kev in their home.

Director: Taylor Olsen

Runtime: 4 minutes