Untamed Truths

Learn (more than you wanted to know) about the animal kingdom in this alphabet rhyme of adult animal facts. Made entirely from paper.

Director: Sophie Marsh

Runtime: 2 minutes

Dog Cancer Variety Show

A reporter (Cathy Jones) covering a fundraiser for sick dogs will go to any length to get a leg up on her colleagues.

Director: Walter Forsyth

Runtime: 6 minutes

10 Minute Time Machine

The discovery of a time machine sets up the possibility of an unforgettable adventure for George and Lori… ten minutes at a time.

Director: Charles Wahl

Runtime: 9 minutes

Clown Face

Michael's mid-life crisis was a flame out. Left his wife. Bought a Porsche (used). Now, lonely and looking to make amends, he's seeking forgiveness and counsel from his angry daughter.

Director: Jason Jeffrey

Runtime: 10 minutes

Money Rules

"Money" Powers is living high as one of the most successful wealth managers around, until her world collapses when she's framed for a massive fraud.  

Director: Lara Cassidy

Runtime: 8 minutes

Martin’s Hagge

Martin, plagued by Hagge, his physical creation of anxiety, is nudged from his melancholy by a spunky, but wise co-worker.

Director: Penny Eizenga

Runtime: 21 minutes

Cat Show

We follow Kathleen, a contestant (and founder) of the 3rd Biennial Spring Classic Cat Show, as she attempts to finally win her coveted prize with her cat Florian.

Director: Adam Burke

Runtime: 14 minutes

Robo Wonder Kid

Robo and his mythological pals find an injured griffin in the woods and decide to help him get better. Too bad that griffins are insane and unpredictable.

Director: Joel MacKenzie

Runtime: 5 minutes

Snowstorm Roulette

The biggest snowstorm of 1988 leaves Tom stranded in a tiny basement apartment with his worst nightmare.

Director: Matt Wright

Runtime: 9 minutes


Do you believe in eternal life?

Director: Jose Manuel Carrasco

Runtime: 2 minutes

The Importance of Dreaming

The forbidden love between an Owl and a Fox drives them away from friends and family as they search for happiness together.

Director: Tara Audibert

Runtime: 11 minutes