Memories deals with grief after losing a beloved pet; the struggle between the sense of loss, while at the same time wanting to hang on to the memories and feelings of joy.

Director: Addison Johnston

Runtime: 2 Minutes




Tara knows this much is true: The prom is totally bogus. She and her best friend are total social pariahs. And the new girl at school is totally... totally.

Director: Tracey Lavigne

Runtime: 15 Minutes




Helen is a ‘well-to-do’ university student whose father wants her to come work for him, but she’s not interested. At Cover to Cover Tutorial Agency, Helen meets up with Andy. He’s a street-smart skateboarder, who knows a thing or two.

Director: Bruce Brenton

Runtime: 7 Minutes



Waste It

Karen attempts to grapple with the fleeting nature of romance through filmmaking, only to run into conflict with her surrounding cast and crew. You can try to make art imitate life, but it doesn't necessarily make life any easier.

Director: Emily Bridger

Runtime: 11 Minutes



Bill’s Bills

A distrustful oyster fisherman patiently awaits the opportunity for bring together the pieces of his broken home.

Director: Danilo Baracho

Runtime: 14 Minutes



Waiting Outside…

Simon is a dedicated father who cares for his young daughter Scout while his husband Felix is deployed overseas. When Simon gets a serious diagnosis, his world is shaken and he must deal with it, and the future, alone.

Director: Joshua Jamieson

Runtime: 7 Minutes



Why Good People Do Bad Things

Two estranged brothers are left a family cottage after the death of their father. They go to the family cottage on an impromptu hunting trip to discuss their recent inheritance. It will come at a cost.

Director: Tim Rayne

Runtime: 14 Minutes




Friendship. Life. Loss. Tragedy. The story of brothers Tim and Tyler, growing up in the coastal community of Eastern Passage, as told through the eyes of their friend Luke

Director: Henry Colin

Runtime: 11 Minutes



My Husband’s Jump

The wife of an Olympic ski jumper watches her husband jump, but, most peculiarly, this time he does not come down. What unfolds is a storm of people turning to her for answers, seeking to understand how such an impossible thing could happen.

Director: R. W. Gray

Runtime: 15 Minutes