Whacky Whacky, Bang Bang

A deadly game of cat and mouse quickly escalates...they just wanted to be entertained.

Director: Spencer Hetherington

Runtime: 10 Minutes



Lovely Mummers

A family living in rural Newfoundland encounter some known, disguised, visitors along with their changeling daughter.

Director: Bhaveek N. Makan

Runtime: 13 Minutes




A recluse is forced to revisit his past after welcoming an unexpected, inanimate visitor.

Director: Jon Mann

Runtime: 17 Minutes


Askin’ For It

An anonymous video-text forces three high-school bffs to face the issues of assault and consent head on, only to find out they have very different views on how it should be handled.

Director: Kerry Gamberg

Runtime: 12 Minutes




The Sungrazer, a cargo ship, drifts through deep space, broken. A creature now prowls in the shadows of the ship, imbedding itself into the remaining crew’s minds.

Director: Logan Fulford

Runtime: 10 Minutes



False Light

A group of university students search for answers at an abandoned settlement with a sinister history.

Director: Kerrin Rafuse

Runtime: 14 Minutes



Sister’s Dirge

When a young girl goes missing, her family wrestles with grief. Fearing for the worst, her sister takes the law and justice into her own hands.

Director: Ty Giffin

Runtime: 14 Minutes



Drown The Lovers

In a future where having emotions is a crime, an insurgent breaks the law for love.

Director: Israel Ekanem

Runtime: 10 Minutes