Katatjanik Utippalianinga (The Return of Throat Singing)


Witness the revival of traditional practices by women in Nain, Nunatsiavu: throat singing, a special talent and a traditional game.

Directors: Jenn Brown and FRAMED Nain Filmmakers

Writer: N/A

Producer: Jenn Brown

Cast: Nunatsiavut Throat Singers

Cinematographer: Troy Maher

Editor: Victoria Wells

Country: Canada

Runtime: 7 minutes




Hustle & Heart


Hunter makes the high school football team as the back-up quarterback but things get tense when his first pass is aimed at the star.

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson

Producer: Jake Ivany 

Cast: Nathan Simmons, Taylor Olson, Adrian Bromfield

Cinematographer: Chelsea Comeau

Editor: Chris Fudge

Country: Canada

Runtime: 12 minutes




The Perfect Family


Teens embarrass easily, but this gal’s got a club-handed bro, a dad in a test tube and a half-mom half-parrot, and they want to come to her school play.


Director: Martine Blue


Writer: Martine Blue


Producers: Martine Blue, Ruth Lawrence 


Cast: Irene Duma, Erica Foote, Jamres Murphy, Isaac McConnell, Melanie Caines


Cinematographer: Jamie Lewis


Editor: Martine Blue


Country: Canada


Runtime: 11 Minutes




Black Guitar


Anton searches for something; something dark, something that can only end in one of two ways: death or epiphany.

Director: Devin Casario

Writer: Devin Casario

Producer: Todd Fraser

Cast: Steve Macdougall, Bryde MacLean, Robbie Carruthers

Cinematographer: Christopher Ball

Editor: Kyle Walsh

Country: Canada

Runtime: 11 minutes 




Across America


Islander Millefiore Clarkes traverses America pondering how land shapes culture in this dreamy, lyrical documentary that gambols around national identity.

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Writer: Millefiore Clarkes

Producer: Millefiore Clarkes

Cast: N/A

Cinematographer: Millefiore Clarkes

Editor: Millefiore Clarkes

Country: Canada

Runtime: 6 minutes





Choke Hold


Two friends discover sometimes you have to go too far to know your own strength.

Director: R. W. Gray

Writer: R. W. Gray

Producers: R. W. Gray, Jon Dewar, Matt Rogers

Cast: Jesse Lapointe, Ian Goff

Cinematographers: Matt Rogers, Lance Blakney

Editor: Jon Dewar

Country: Canada

Runtime: 14 minutes




Ideal Bounds


Starring bees and natural materials, this stinging stop motion captures life in a futuristic beehive infected with a technological virus. Will the cybees prevail?

Director: Ruth Marsh

Writer: Ruth Marsh

Producer: Ruth Marsh

Cast: N/A

Animator: Ruth Marsh

Editor: Bretten Hannam

Country: Canada

Runtime: 7 minutes




High Tea


A solo senior tries rolling a spliff but ops for baking pot brownies to put a little colour in her cheeks.

Director: Lulu Keating

Writer: Lulu Keating

Producer: Lulu Keating

Cast: Barbara Hanulik

Cinematographer: Lulu Keating

Editor: Lulu Keating

Country: Canada

Runtime: 2 Minutes






In this drama/verite mash up, a single mom tends to her three kids while attempting to cling to her fading relationship with their father.

Director: Heather Young

Writer: Heather Young

Producer: Heather Young

Cast: Robyn Mendoza

Cinematographer: Heather Young

Editor: Heather Young

Country: Canada

Runtime: 11 minutes