Torture by Sound

For people with misophonia, everyday sounds can leave them in immense pain. Torture By Sound explores the emotional and psychological impact this condition has on the lives of its victims..

Director: Gwyneth Christoffel

Runtime: 4 minutes



Abel is worried about his snoring problem. Through video recordings of his own sleep patterns, he unexpectedly discovers a visitor – a mysterious woman who creeps into his bed once the lights are out.

Director: Amy Bourgaize

Runtime: 14 minutes


Invading Giants

Every year residents of Iceberg Alley look to the north with baited breath hoping for another parade of ancient icebergs, where they become accessible to a cast of characters whose livelihood depends on them.

Director: Kevin A Fraser

Runtime: 14 minutes



An aspiring actor risks a close friendship to get cast in a film.

Director: Daniel Boos

Runtime: 15 minutes


Roller Skates and Hand Grenades

To a collector of things, the story behind an object is often more interesting than the object itself.

Director: Dominic Fegan

Runtime: 6 minutes



In order to convince her parents to buy a family dog, a little girl takes arts and crafts to the next level.

Director: Nicole Steeves & Struan Sutherland

Runtime: 5 minutes



A senior citizen falls into a reverie of love and regret on the final day of packing up her home.

Director: Wanda Nolan

Runtime: 7 minutes



A young pianist struggling with stage fright must confront his fear when he is chosen to be a page turner for his idol, a world-famous pianist known for his formidable temperament.

Director: Andrew Coll

Runtime: 13 minutes

A Blessing From The Sea

When a boat-full of money is discovered by two Irish Moss farmers, their decision to keep it leads them down a dark and violent path.

Director: Adam Perry

Runtime: 17 minutes