The iconic Newfoundland singer/songwriter Ron Hynes died unexpectedly at the age of 64 in 2015. Fortunately five years earlier, he had agreed to be the subject of a documentary. Allowing Hynes maximum time to speak for himself – and drawing upon the opinions of his nephew, writer/actor/musician Joel Thomas Hynes – director William D. MacGillivray paints a portrait of an artist whose demons are deeply intertwined with his inspirations. The Man of a Thousand Songs is a riveting film that portrays the heart and soul of a complex man who created an enduring legacy and an extraordinary body of work.


​Director: William D. MacGillivray
Writer: William D. MacGillivray
Producers: Terry Greenlaw, Jordan Canning
Cinematographer: Kent Nason
Editor: Andrew MacCormack
Country: Canada
Runtime: 90 minutes