When a pair of friends reconnect with an old, troubled pal and hear about his questionable new career choice, they’re forced to weigh his happiness against their beliefs.

Director: Jon Mann

Runtime: 11 Minutes



Grave Concerns

Two men toil away in the Wild West, working in the booming business of grave-digging.

Director: Glen Matthews

Runtime: 4 Minutes



Lamenting Pluto

A young woman struggles with finding her place in the world, physically and emotionally, after

a major life change. This quest leads her to become involved in a global discussion of the

cosmos around us.

Director: Emily Bridger

Runtime: 15 Minutes




A woman counsels her best friend on how to come out to his family while dealing with her own romantic difficulties.

Director: Kevin Hartford

Runtime: 7 Minutes



Meatball Sub

A young woman has to decide what's more important: saving someone's life, or eating a delicious sandwich.

Director: Shaun English

Runtime: 5 Minutes



The Tufts

The Tufts comedy group created a hit TV show in 1980's Canada, launching a group of 20-year-old kids into years of partying, dubious relationships and constant pressure. This documentary remembers.

Director: Lara Cassidy

Runtime: 13 Minutes


Aw, Shucks!

Aw, Shucks! sees film genres collide as a young couple’s perfect date is unceremoniously crashed by an old foe.

Director: David Feehan, Darren Ivany

Runtime: 6 Minutes




An existential snapshot of a youth hockey team’s early morning practice and the two coaches who may or may not want to be there.

Director: Gordon Mihan

Runtime: 11 Minutes



Before The Show

A donair creates controversy between two friends heading to a movie.

Director: Bill Corkum

Runtime: 4 Minutes



My Mother’s Armenian Christmas Bread Recipe

A magazine article prompts two estranged sisters to take an uncomfortable look at their shared past.

Director: Kevin Hartford

Runtime: 8 Minutes