An employee of a rural dairy farm experiences anxiety regarding her unexpected pregnancy. Her feelings are hard to ignore as she collects milk from the pregnant cows on the farm.

Director: Heather Young

Runtime: 14 minutes

See Weeds

An examination of three weeds - dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock, via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques

Director: Dawn George

Runtime: 3 minutes


Sahil, a young Afghan immigrant in Canada, struggles to sustain a romantic relationship with his lover because of his overbearing Afghan father.

Director: Salar Pashtoonyar

Runtime: 9 minutes


A mysterious couple meet in a distant mansion and commit a terrible deed - but the soul of their victim escapes, unharmed, and has been lurking in the shadows... haunting them.

Director: Raghed Charabaty

Runtime: 7 minutes


Aleatoria, disorder incarnate, the lady of the wheel. Spinning and churning the stuff of chaos. Created through random processes, chance and the unpredictability of being are at her command.

Director: Chris Spencer-Lowe

Runtime: 5 minutes

Mothers & Methadone

This film traces the journeys of four women in a methadone maintenance program while pregnant. The documentary explores many sides of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome from a clinical and experiential standpoint.

Director: Jenna MacMillan

Runtime: 11 minutes

3 Cafes

A beautiful visual investigation of the relevance of chronology to meaning and the way emotions and perspectives change as time passes.

Director: R. W. Gray

Runtime: 3 minutes

Handmade Film

Making film by hand is a rarely practiced craft in today’s film industry.  Lindsay McIntyre spends three days making the film emulsion she shoots on, then develops herself.

Director: Christina Ienna

Runtime: 5 minutes

There Lived the Colliers

Hundreds of simple wooden homes built for Cape Breton's once booming mining and steel industries emit traces of history, suggesting the personality and resilience of their current and former inhabitants.

Director: Nelson MacDonald

Runtime: 7 minutes


A slice of life short film exploring the relationship between the physical and the feminine.

Director: Lora Campbell

Runtime: 9 minutes

The Fall

A woman wakes up from a coma surrounded by her relatives. Suffering from amnesia, she tries to understand who she is. Without words, without memories, can she liberate herself?

Director: Olivia Boudreau

Runtime: 24 minutes

Everything Is Fine

everything is fine is a video work that explores the persistence and security of daily household routine and ritual in the face of disaster and ruin.

Director: Monica Lacey

Runtime: 2 minutes