Told through nine vignettes, each anchored by a subtle, yet overwhelming performance, Dead Women Walking traces the final days of a series of women on death row, from two weeks before one inmate’s execution to mere minutes before another’s. As these narratives develop, the human toll of the death penalty—not only on the women convicted of violent crimes, but also on their families, prison officials, and ministers and counselors coaching them through their final days—comes into clear focus.


Director: Hagar Ben-Asher
Writer: Hagar Ben-Asher
Producers: Clara Levy, Michael M. McGuire
Cast: June Carryl, Maya Lynne Robinson, Joy Nash, Ashton Sanders, Dale Dickey
Cinematographer: David Stragmeister    
Editor: Nimrod Goldstein, Guy Nemesh, Ron Omer    
Country: USA
Runtime: 101 minutes