Mara, a nurse from Romania, got married whilst on a working visit to the USA. Together with her husband Daniel, whom she met as a patient, she is now waiting for her Green Card. She has already brought to the States her young son Dragos from a previous relationship. However, the naturalisation process is proving to be difficult and Mara increasingly begins to realise that the America she imagined has little to do with the reality.


In English and Romanian with English subtitles



Director: Ioana Uricaru 
Writers: Tatiana Ionascu, Ioana Uricaru
Producers: Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula, Yanick Létourneau, Cristian Mungiu, Sean Wheelan
Cast: Mălina Manovici, Steve Bacic, Dylan Scott Smith, Milan Hurduc, Ruxandra Maniu
Cinematographer: Friede Clausz
Editor: Mircea Olteanu
Country: Romania / Canada / Germany / Sweden
Runtime: 88 minutes