A woman recording a video in her apartment is interrupted by a maintenance worker and forced into a precarious situation. Crafted masterfully by Zachary Russell, 7A is a genre-bending film that leaves you gasping for air.

Director: Zachary Russell

Runtime: 10 minutes




Around a street corner, Hervé comes face to face with the life he was forced to abandon.

Director: Gabrielle Mankiewicz

Runtime: 17 minutes




In The Fall

Faced with the ageing of his faithful workhorse, a man is forced to confront his own mortality and consider a sacrifice to ensure his family's survival.

Director: Tom Gentle

Runtime: 16 minutes



Mad Rush

A young man in Korea, living with obsessive compulsive and panic disorder, pushes himself outside of his comfort zone to experience one day, in the open and unafraid.

Director: Hee-jun Lee

Runtime: 16 minutes



Magic Bullet

Parallel losses push strangers Rachel (Molly Parker) and Lia (Rosemarie DeWitt) into self-soothing rituals and self-destructive hazes, only to collide unwittingly on a regional Florida shopping network.

Director: Amanda Lovejoy Street

Runtime: 19 minutes




Hands Free

The story focuses on Dr Morris and his increasingly awkward attempts to conceal a painful truth from his wife.

Director: John Addis & Matt Bowron

Runtime: 7 minutes





Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.

Director: Jérémy Comte

Runtime: 16 minutes