Winter Sled

The connection between humanity and dogs goes back thousands of years. In the coldest and most remote places in Canada, dog sledding is a method of transportation still used today.


Director: Brad Soyeau

Runtime: 3 minutes

Mother Canada

One man’s quest to have Canada’s largest war memorial erected in Green Cove, Cape Breton, is met with fervent responses from a community that’s divided on the issue.

Director: Craig Jackson

Runtime: 22 minutes

Meet Maurice Crosby

This short documentary celebrates the life of 90-year-old photographer Maurice Crosby, known for capturing the physical and cultural landscape of Canada's East Coast between the 1940s and 1990s.

Director: Lisa Rose Snow

Runtime: 8 minutes

Pictures Don’t Lie

Through his own words and illuminated with family photographs, JJ Van Bibber tells the story of his life in the Yukon Territory.   

Director: Lulu Keating

Runtime: 20 minutes

Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island

A group of Acadians from North America travel to Belle-Île-en-Mer in France, a community of the Acadian diaspora, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of their arrival.

Director: Phil Comeau

Runtime: 26 minutes

Sheldon Currie: A Cape Breton Writer

Sheldon Currie has published novels, short stories, and plays, all set in industrial Cape Breton. In this documentary, he recounts his upbringing and the importance of telling Atlantic Canadian stories.

Director: Charles Currie

Runtime: 7 minutes


Avon Ladies Rural Style

Avon Ladies shows the irony of a makeup company that became a top seller in Newfoundland in the 60’s, when most rural women didn’t even wear make up.

Director: Rhonda Buckley

Runtime: 18 minutes