My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes

Filmmaker Charlie Tyrell seeks to better understand his emotionally distant late-father through the personal belongings he left behind... including a stack of VHS dirty movies. Narrated by David Wain.

Director: Charlie Tyrell

Runtime: 14 minutes



Prince’s Tale

After surviving an electrical fire that results in the amputation of his arms, a young actor named Prince must come to terms with being "differently-abled". Through his powerful and honest performances, he is able to find healing in his art, allowing him to form deep connections with his audience and the world around him.

Director: Jamie Miller

Runtime: 16 minutes



I Love Your Fucking Name

Starring Liz Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Peter Pan and Ronald McDonald. Yes, those are their real names. I Love Your Fucking Name is a film about the complex relationships people have with their given names.

Director: Finn O'Hara

Runtime: 8 minutes



Maybe If It Were A Nice Room

An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms.

Director: Alicia K. Harris

Runtime: 2 minutes



Short Round Up

Thirty-five years after a fateful audition, Nobu Adilman goes in search of all the men who, as boys, auditioned to be Short Round in Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom. Both funny and emotional, the adventure excavates a deep bond between strangers who once shared the same Hollywood dream.

Director: Nobu Adilman

Runtime: 17 minutes



The Story Of Vermont’s Quiet Digital Revolution

As the world investigates the human cost of social media, a Vermont-built alternative proposes the idea that local community and a sense of ‘place’ are integral to healthy online discourse.

Director: Peter Strauss

Runtime: 23 minutes




Karim’s Light

KARIM'S LIGHT is a short documentary film about a light artist named Karim Jabbari. The documentary highlights artist's journey and his message to the world.

Director: Oz Yilmaz

Runtime: 5 minutes




Lady Strips

A Sultry Strip Tease with a surprise...

Lady Strips is a hand drawn animation exploring power dynamics and assumed ownership over the bodies of others. The piece is Adrienne Mountain's thesis work completed at OCAD University in Toronto.

Director: Adrienne Mountain

Runtime: 4 minutes




The Subject

An animator dissects his own body, slowly extracting the components that nurture his work, delving into the connections between art and artist. THE SUBJECT is a visceral and disturbing stop-motion and pixilation animation, and Patrick Bouchard’s most profoundly personal film to date.

Director: Patrick Bouchard

Runtime: 10 minutes