Underlining the gap between the lives of have-nots' and elites' by switching between black and white and glamorous colors, The Great Buddha+ vividly illustrates a corrupted village in rural southern Taiwan with memorable style, heartfelt empathy, and whimsical humor.  Security guard Pickle and his trash collector friend Belly Button kill time together on the night shift by watching the American-educated boss's dash-cam recordings of his various sexual encounters with women. They get more than they bargained for when, to their surprise, something horrifying rather than erotic is revealed.


In Taiwanese and Mandarin with English subtitles


Director: Hsin-yao Huang 
Writer: Hsin-yao Huang
Producers: Mong-Hong Chung, Ju Feng Yeh
Cast: Cres Chuang, Bamboo Chen, Leon Dai
Cinematographer: Nagao Nakashima
Editor: Lai Hsiu-Hsiung    
Country: Taiwan
Runtime: 104 minutes