Feet First

In this quirky and queer girl-meets-girl romantic comedy, told from the perspective of the character's feet, an unexpected encounter forces Melanie to decide: continue her cautious ways, or embrace possibility?


Director: Fiona Warde


Runtime: 7 minutes



Shannon's struggles started in academics and carried a huge weight on her shoulders. As these things became worse so did her mental health. Shannon shares her story as to how she was able to get through these challenges. 


Director: Shannon Ubels

Runtime: 5 minutes


For Emma

Rebecca, a young Atlantic Canadian step dancer, begins to question her sexuality. What happens when she develops a crush on Emma, a tap dancer from Toronto, who joins her class?


Director: Olivia King

Runtime: 11 minutes

Return to Form

Emma feels responsible for the accident that caused her mother's death.


Director: Chris Fudge

Runtime: 7 minutes

Blood & Honey

A lost woman on the waterfront and a kind samaritan. A seedy motel and cruel intentions.


Director: Karl van Allen

Runtime: 5 minutes

The Real Deal

A young man recounts meeting the love of his life at the height of the 1960s.  Based on the short story by New York Times bestselling author Andy Weir.


Director: Ryan McCarvill

Runtime: 7 minutes


A story about a father looking for his taken away son, also questioning the meaning of being parents.


Director: Zheng Yu

Runtime: 19 minutes


Through It All

Through It All, just like the song it is based on, is a documentary on abusive relationships and the stigmatization that victims face from society.


Director: Joshua Fifield

Runtime: 6 minutes

Whisper of Freedom

Angela Welburn provides an opportunity for the sick and senior animals at her rescue centre to live their last days with dignity.


Director: Kieran Leavitt & Sofia Ortega


Runtime: 10 minutes