*associated Atlantic province in parenthesis





Opening Night Gala – Presented by CTV, Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund


Maudie, Aisling Walsh, Canada / Ireland (NL)


Thursday, Sept. 15, 7:00PM – Rebecca Cohn Auditorium



Friday Night Gala: Atlantic – Presented by Bell Aliant


Weirdos, Bruce McDonald, Canada (NS)


Friday, Sept. 16, 7:00PM – Oxford Theatre


Encore: Saturday, Sept. 17, 6:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4



Sunday Night Gala: Reel East Coast Shorts – Presented by CBC


Mabel, Teresa MacInnes, Kent Nason, Canada (NS)


Rubbed the Wrong Way, Struan Sutherland, Canada (NS)


Moving On, Mike Fardy, Canada (NL)


Black Cop, Cory Bowles, Canada (NS)


Marigolds, Jillian Acreman, Canada (NB)


September in Toronto, Millefiore Clarkes, Canada (PE)


The Tour, Jenina MacGillivray, Canada (NL)


Ingrid & the Black Hole, Leah Johnston, Canada (NS)


Throw Rock, Jay Dahl, Canada (NS) 


Sunday, Sept. 18, 7:00PM – Oxford Theatre 


Encore: Thursday, Sept. 22, 9:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4



Wednesday Night Gala


Perfume War, Michael Melski, Canada (NS)


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 7:00PM – Oxford Theatre 


Encore: Thursday, Sept. 22, 6:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8






The Healer, Paco Arango, USA / Canada (NS)


Friday, Sept. 16, 6:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4







Away from Everywhere, Justin Simms, Canada (NL)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 7:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8



The River of My Dreams: A Portrait of Gordon Pinsent,


Brigitte Berman, Canada (NL)  


Friday, Sept. 16, 6:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4



Quebec My Country Mon Pays, John Walker, Canada (NS)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 9:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4



Werewolf, Ashley McKenzie, Canada (NS)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 9:45PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4




ATLANTIC FOCUS                       



100 Short Stories, Neal Livingston, Canada (NS)


 Monday, Sept. 19, 9:15PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Breakup, Koumbie, Canada (NS)


Thursday, Sept. 22, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Atlantic, Risteard Ó Domhnaill, Ireland / Canada / Norway (NL0


Saturday, Sept. 17, 1:45PM – Park Lane, Theatre 4



Exit Thread, Paul Kimball, Canada (NS)


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 7:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Head Space, Nicole Steeves, Canada (NS)


Monday, Sept. 19, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Hunting Pignut, Martine Blue, Canada (NL)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 10:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 7



Myrtle Beach, Michael Fuller, Neil Rough, Canada (NS)


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 9:15PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Riverhead, Justin Oakey, (NL) 


Friday, Sept. 16, 9:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Rwanda & Juliet, Ben Proudfoot, USA / Canada (NS0


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 6:45PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



self portrait in may, Catherine Bussiere, Canada (NS)



Wednesday, Sept. 21, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 1



Singing to Myself, Harmony Wagner, Canada (PEI)


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 1



Spectres of Shortwave, Amanda Dawn Christie, Canada (NB)


Thursday, Sept. 22, 7:15PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5







Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 1



Kkatatjanik Utippalianinga (The Return of Throat Singing), Jenn Brown, Canada (NL)


Hustle & Heart, Koumbie, Canada (NS)


The Perfect Family, Martine Blue, Canada (NL)


Black Guitar, Devin Casario, Canada (NS)


Across America, Millefiore Clarkes, Canada (PE)


Choke Hold, R. W. Gray, Canada (NB)


Ideal Bounds, Ruth Marsh, Canada (NS)


High Tea, Lulu Keating, Canada (NS)


Fish, Heather Young, Canada (NS)


Friday, Sept. 16, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 2


Handcrafted Hopedale, Jenn Brown, Canada (NL)


Occupied, Iain MacLeod, Canada (NS)


Barbicide, Nathan Boone, Canada (NS)


Green Light, Bunthivy Nou, Canada (NB)


We Are The Galley, Jenna MacMillan, Canada (PE)


Bats, Shelley Thompson, Canada (NS)


Data Mine, Tim Tracey, Canada (NS)


Charlie's P.O.C., Kevin Hartford, Canada (NS)


Bill's Landscape and Exorcism Services, Angus Swantee, Canada (NS)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 1:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8



Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 3


Transmission, Kristen Swinkels, Canada (NS)


Farmboys, Jenna MacMillan, Canada (PE)


Nightcall, Nicole Holland, Canada (NS)


Gnomedizzle, Nicole Steeves, Canada (NS)


Averted Vision, Shaun Lowe, Canada (NS)


Wife And Death, Matt Wright, Canada (NL)


Swimming In The Imaginary, Susan Wolf, Canada (NS)


touch, Noel Harris, Canada (NL)


Two, Christopher Spencer-Lowe, Canada (NS)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 3:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8



Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 4


Invisible Man, Nimisha Mukerji, Canada (NS)


How You Turned Into A Fish, Jenna Marks, Canada (NS)


Montage: Great Film Composers and the Piano, Ben Proudfoot, USA / Canada (NS)


Wait For Rescue, Kevin Hartford, Canada (NS)


Tipping Point, Stephanie Young, Canada (NS)


Age Of Reason, Lisa Rose Snow, Canada (NS)


a list, Matt Rogers, Canada (NB)


When We Were Poor, Lynn Matheson, Canada (NS)


In So Many Words, Emily Bridger, Canada (NL)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 1:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8



Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 5


Breath of Life, Fiona Cleary, Canada (NS)


Cold One Night, Brendan Jones, Canada (NB)


Culvert Affairs, Kelly Hill, Canada (NB)


Cartaphilus, Luke Freeman, Canada (NS)


We R The World/Mold, Dawn George, Canada (NS)


Deema, Raghed Charabaty, Canada (NS)


Turn On Your Ghostlight, Thor Henrikson, Canada (NS)


Flash Mob Funeral, Sheila Lane & Walter Forsyth, Canada (NS)


I Am Coming to Paris to Kill You, Setherland Smith, Canada (NS)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 4:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 8



Reel East Coast Shorts, Program 6


Mi'kwite'tmn (Do You Remember), Ariella Pahlke, Canada (NS)


Silent No More - Louise Pentz: A Voice for Social Change, Andrea Vandenboer, Can (NS)


Mystery of the Secret Room, Wanda Nolan, Canada (NL)


Malignant, Andrea Dunne, Canada (NL)


Sunrise On The Total Chaos, Craig Norris, Canada (NB)


Hand. Line. Cod., Justin Simms, Canada (NL)


The Woman In White, Ross Moore, Canada (NL)


Time Goes By, Teresa MacInnes, Kent Nason, Canada (NS)


Thursday, Sept. 22, 9:15PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



NextGen Shorts


With an Eye of an Eagle, Olesya Shyvikova, Canada (NS)


Turtle in the Wrong Shell, Henry Colin, Canada (NS)


Hiraeth, David Shears, Canada (NL)


The Bench, Emily Fricker, Canada (NS)


Up Close & Personal, Jana Gillis, Canada (NL)


Little Keys, Chelsea Innes, Canada (NS)


Leave Pizza Here, Brendan Wanderer, Canada (NS)


Goldfish, Kimberly Pearce, Canada (NS)


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 9:45PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



ViewFinders Atlantic Shorts – Grades 7-12


Sixteen, Sarah Rae, Canada (NS)


The Bowl at Cow Bay, Brad Sayeau, Canada (NS)


We Story the Land, Martha Stiegman, Canada (NS)


City of Lakes Boxing Club, Scott Lawlor, Canada (NS)


We're From Here, Brad Sayeau, Canada (NS)


Kokota: The Islet of Hope, Craig Norris, Canada (NB)


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 10:30AM – Park Lane, Theatre 3




Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia – 40th Anniversary Short Program


Dawg, Shelly Thompson, Canada (NS)


The Grain Elevators, Megan Wennberg, Canada (NS)


The Trumpeter, Janice L. Platt, Canada (NS)


Tell Me, Shandi Mitchell, Canada (NS)


Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia, Sylvia Hamilton, Canada (NS)


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 6:45PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3






Canada 360, Andrew Killawee, Canada (NS)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 1:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Celtic Edge, William D. MacGillivray, Canada (NS)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 2:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



En Français svp, Fabien Melanson, Canada (NS) (In French only)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 11:30AM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Hors Circuits, Christian Sparkes, Canada (NL) (In French only)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 1:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



The Millennial Dream, Tim Davidson, Canada (NB)


Wednesday, Sept. 21, 4:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Music Profiles – Ben Caplan & Hillsburn, John Rosborough, Canada (NS)


Friday, Sept. 16, 2:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 1



My Life So Far, Alan Collins, Canada (NS)


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 4:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Newfoundland at Armageddon, Brian McKenna, Canada (NL)


Saturday, Sept. 17, 12:00PM – Park Lane, Theatre 3



Searching for Realism, Peter Murphy, Paul Hannon, Canada (NS)


Thursday, Sept. 22, 4:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Celtic Colours: Spirit of the Festival, Jacquelyn Mills, Canada (NS)


Sunday, Sept. 18, 4:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5



Wi'kupaltimk – Feast of Forgiveness, Kent Martin, Salina Kemp, Canada (NS)


Monday, Sept. 19, 4:30PM – Park Lane, Theatre 5